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Mascot Furgli with swimming hoop and diving goggles
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Mascot Furgli skiing
View of Serfaus at dusk in winter
Mascot Furgli rides a snowmobile

Full speed ahead to Serfaus

Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis: a winter full of experiences

Highlights in your winter holidays

The days when you only came to Tyrol to ski are water under the bridge! Today, Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis offers a playground full of possibilities in winter. Go high up on the mountain with a snowcat, have exclusive restaurant experiences or a look behind the scenes - your holiday is packed with highlights!

Skiers in deep snow in front of mountain landscape

The first line

Adorn the mountain with your “first line” before others do! You have to get up early because the adventure will start as early as 07:30 in the morning. The managing directors of the mountain cable cars or the ski school directors will accompany the “first line” - so you will hear news directly from the horse’s mouth. After the guided tour there is an exclusive mountain breakfast served in the ski lounge in Serfaus. Due to the limited number of participants it is absolutely necessary to sign up in time! So that the participants of the “first line” do not immediately look at the “red” side, they should be proficient on the red slopes (difficulty level medium).

Masner Express

Go to the mountains without your skis. The Masner Express is even more comfortable than before, with room for 17 persons without ski equipment! The comfortable thing is that everyone can sit facing the front making it even more convenient to enjoy the magnificent winter landscape of the Masner area without skis.

. The ride leads from the Lazid via the P1 on the Pezid to the Masner ski hut. After a short break, the Masner Express takes you back to Lazid. The rides always take place on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Snow groomers at dusk


If you have always been fascinated by how the snowcats powerfully dance across the snow slopes, then you can now reserve a box seat directly on the 490 hp and 9 tonne grooming machines. Every day at 4.15 pm, a maximum of two people can take a seat next to the driver and experience first-hand how the slopes are prepared. The ride lasts approx. 2 hours. It is obligatory to register in advance!

Children in front of a large map of the region

Look behind the scenes

What happens behind the scenes of a cable car station and how do cable cars actually work? A guided tour of the piste machine workshop gives an impression of the effort and craftsmanship that goes into the work of the cable car employees. After visiting the pump station and a look at the snowmaking technology you will have coffee and cake together where one or the other question will be answered. The “look behind the scenes” takes place every Thursday. 

Entrance to the Serfaus village railway

Serfaus underground

Serfaus’ underground is a driverless air cushion funicular underground railway. It has some characteristics of an underground - it is separated from individual traffic and runs through a tunnel on the entire route. It is considered the smallest and highest air cushion funicular in the world. The underground connects the parking lot at the beginning of Serfaus with the valley station of the cable cars of the Komperdell ski region at the other end of the village. The route runs over four stops (Parkplatz, Kirche, Zentrum and Seilbahn) and has a total length of 1,280 m. The utilisation of the Dorfbahn is free.

Deserted ski slope at dawn

Sunrise Hexensee

Early birds in Serfaus can reward themselves with a very special experience - depending on the season. The Masner Express sets off early to the Hexensee hut. Here you can enjoy wide views of the sea of Tyrolean summits in the light of the rising sun. A truly magical sight. But even if the magic is capturing, hunger will come and so after that you can look forward to the delights of a sumptuous mountain breakfast. After a good rest, it’s time to hit the slopes. Alternatively, you take the Masner Express back to the Lazid and then the cable car back to the valley.

Culinary experience 2100

The Zirbenhütte restaurant invites you to join an exciting journey through the world of top culinary specialties at teh height of 2.100 metres sea level. You can either choose the sporty way to reach the hut on your skis or snowboard or you can easily access the Zirbenhütte by taking the Schönjochbahn cable car up to the 2,400 metres high Schönjoch. From there, a skidoo is waiting for you to bring you right to the Schöngampbahn ski lift. With this modern ski lift you get down right to the Zirbenhütte where our team welcomes you.

You sit on your personal prepared table, take a breath of the wonderful smelling pine wood and afterwards the culinary journey can begin. Just tell us if you would prefer any types of food, if you have any allergies, what kind of food you like or maybe do not like and you receive a wonderful 4 or 6 courses surprise meal - also with matching wines.

Couple toasts with drink in front of mountain panorama at dusk

Sunset dinner

Although a wonderful day’s skiing out on the slopes may be drawing to a close, an exceptional experience still awaits you: Sunset at the Masner! While the setting sun envelops the mountain peaks in warm, red light and dusk comes slowly but surely, you’ll already be enjoying your aperitif. In cosy cottage slippers you can enjoy the offered rarities and delicacies which are served. Surely an unforgettable experience - or après ski in its most beautiful form. 

Gourmet dish on table in front of window

Crystal Cube

If you are seeking culinary delights at a whole new level, you can now find them in a unique location: The Crystal Cube Close to the “Z1” viewing platform, at a height of 2,600 m you will find a larger-than-life inclined cube structure. The exterior is made from mirrored glass, meaning that no one can peek in from the outside, which gives you an extra-terrestrial feel. As soon as you step inside the cube, your perspective changes dramatically. Thanks to a facade made entirely from glass, you have fantastic 360-degree views of the winter moountain panorama. Furthermore, the inclined position of the cube creates the impression that you are perched on the face of the mountain. You can choose between three culinary options - sparkling wine breakfast, luxury lunch or high tea. 

and a lot more…

awaits you in Tyrol’s ski dimension Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis! Whether you want to swish down the slopes every day or also want to try out something different with your children, there are numerous experiences in Serfaus. Make plans and send us your holiday enquiry!

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