Mascot Furgli
Mascot Furgli with swimming hoop and diving goggles
Mascot Furgli on the chairlift
Mascot Furgli skiing
Group of children at the cooking class

Little cooks at work

Kids Cooking

Many cooks will make the meal taste better. Or what do you think? In our kids kitchen for all children from the family hotel Furgler and the family hotel Post you can grab the spoon yourself and peek into our pots. Our cook will show you how you can prepare delicious Tyrolean dishes which are of course eaten afterwards.

Children decorate cake pops

Cooking for children and youth

Stir a bit more: In the kids kitchen all children who like to peek into the pots and pans can get to work themselves. Watch live how kaiserschmarrn, cheese noodles and more are prepared. Even Furgli will be here and supervise what’s going on. Come by and be a part of it!

Participate and create something really delicious: In the kids kitchen there is action for all future star cooks. With one or the other trick you can certainly impress your parents at home. Good success and enjoy your meal!