Mascot Furgli
Mascot Furgli with swimming hoop and diving goggles
Mascot Furgli on the chairlift
Mascot Furgli skiing
House mascot Furgli with goat Mäcky and mouse Matilda

Our hotel mascots

Furgli and his friends

He is omnipresent: Furgli, our hotel mascot, usually accompanied by the Matilda, the mouse, and Mäcky, the goat. How they came to be? Read for yourself.

Of the wild “Manndl”

Once upon a time, in the surroundings of Serfaus some “wild Manndln” were living. The “wild Manndl” was a small goblin who was living in a cave. They were very shy but helpful. They helped the farmers and looked after the grazing cattle.

Such a goblin, a funny guy named Furgli is still living in his cave high in the mountains of Serfaus. But looking after cows and goats? Furgli doesn’t want to do this all the time! He loves to visit the children in the family hotel Furgler and to bring them presents. But if you wait to receive a present personally - no no no! As all goblins he will bring them like a thief in the night!

And let’s not forget Furgli’s friends. Mäcky, the goat from the family hotel Post, can be easily identified by his post horn and likes to play pranks. To the annoyance of mouse Matilda, who is usually where Furgli is and is the one of the trio who pulls the break sometimes.

And as it is typical for a mountain goblin, Furgli and his friends are often out and about in and around Serfaus. In summer, he likes to go hiking or biking in the mountains and in winter… take a look for yourself! With our funny colouring pages you can experience Furgli during his sporty adventures!

Mascot Matilda

For little bookworms

What Furgli and his best friend, the mouse Matilda, are up to, can be read and seen in the Furgli booklet!

Click here for the booklet

Mascot Furgli hiking

Sing along!

Furgli has his own song as well as a rap! I’m sure you will sing along soon.

Furgli has already prepared some surprises for you in the hotel!
Come and spend a few days at the family hotel in Serfaus!

Here you can listen to the Furgli Rap

Coloring with Furgli

Here you can discover, download and print our colouring pages!

Furgli colouring pages