Mascot Furgli
Mascot Furgli with swimming hoop and diving goggles
Mascot Furgli on the chairlift
Mascot Furgli skiing
View of the Village Serfaus
Mascot Furgli on the water slide

Slide into happiness

Serfaus in summer

Quiet, rural, relaxing:
the Tyrolean holiday village
with a unique underground

Unique and unmistakable: Serfaus with its great panoramic location at Tyrol’s sun terrace, nestled in the unique Tyrolean mountain world, excites with a mixture of village charm and international flair.

Serfaus’ unique mobility concept: the village underground

The little village of Serfaus is host to a unique pioneering feat! Amazingly, an underground has been built to handle local transportation. It guarantees a enhanced quality of life together with its model for traffic quietening. Four stops offer great opportunities for all guests of Serfaus. What’s more, the completely free underground named "Dorfbahn" does not travel on wheels over a track, but hovers instead on a 1 mm cushion of air over its trajectory – absolutely smoothly and quietly!

The family hotels Furgler and Post are located directly opposite the underground stop “Zentrum”.
When the Serfaus Dorfbahn went into operation, a driving ban at the municipality of Serfaus has been issued. Of course guests are allowed to drive to the accommodation when arriving. During the stay it is prohibited to use the car within the village (e.g. for shopping, driving to the cable car station…). Excursions outside the village are permitted. Supervision is carried out by the village police Serfaus.

Family in the Serfaus underground

Serfaus: nearly free from traffic

For the love of Serfaus, in 2013 the traffic quietening was extended to the summer months which has already been Serfaus’ “trademark” in winter for years. With 13 June 2015, another big step was taken in Serfaus: the new meeting zone was launched. The aim is to make Serfaus even more livable and to make our village special again.

“The meeting zone is a street whose roadway is intended for joint use by vehicles and pedestrians”
The most important thing to make this equal coexistence on the street possible is a general speed limit of 20 km/h.

Out and about with the Super.Sommer.Card

The best of your holidays in Serfaus: Everything can easily be reached without a car. With the free SUPER. SUMMER. CARD. you can enjoy rides on the cable cars, the underground and the hiking bus for free. Get to the starting point of your hike, to the attractions on the mountain or to your excursion destination comfortably, stress-free and without worrying about parking!

Even the Roman settlers knew where it was worth putting down roots: A settlement which is Serfaus today was first built on the “Via Claudia Augusta”, the Roman road to the north, around the birth of Christ. Visit the village in the Tyrolean mountains yourself!