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Mascot Furgli with swimming hoop and diving goggles
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Adventure World Serfaus: Experience nature and mountains

Adventure in your
family holidays in Tyrol

Murmli Water, Murmli Trail, Six Senses Trail … get to know the secrets of the mountain world in a playful way together with your children. See marmots from close up, pan for gold or master the activity parcours: The Adventure World Serfaus at the Komperdell lets time fly by.

Children in the Murmliwasser play park

Murmli Water

A playground to try out, explore, romp, … The Komperdell will excite you with a world of 15 adventure stations around the Lausbach stream. Water wheels, water channels, soil mounds, water stairway or a race track for model boats. Building dams or detours or mud-wrestling are only some of the possible activities. Parents who do not want to get wet retreat to the integrated relax zone and observe the goings-on from their lounger.

  • You can find the following stations in the water adventure world:
    Murmli’s Archway, water reservoir, archery range, water track, Murmli fountain, rock labyrinth (Murmli treasure hunt), race track for model boats, stepping stones, soil mounds, sun loungers, relax zone, sand and mud pit, water stairway, play houses, slides, Murmli lighthouse with picnic area and climbing frame, water wheel in the stream.

  • Murmli’s Cave
    Murmli’s Cave, a system of caves, 200 metres long, provides an insight into the hidden world of the four-legged terrestrials. Adventure-seekers dare to discover the underground on a slide while curious explorers inspect the marmot’s sleeping quarters, and pop up again at the observation deck in the middle of the cave. Children and grown-ups are welcome to crawl along and explore the secrets of the marmot’s habitat.

  • Gold ferver in Serfaus!
    At the Murmli Water in Serfaus gold panning is the favoured activity in summer! In hods filled with water and sand you can find treasures like nuggets and pieces of brass. The children can look for the gold by pans, as once the real gold panners once did. To pan the gold the children can use the right tools: pans and ladles are at anyone’s disposure. Also jewels can be found there and the gained treasures, of course, can be taken home.

  • Marmot enclosure - the big whistling concert!
    The marmot, famous for its characteristic whistle, feels really well in the mountains of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. But so that in future you know who is whistling so cheekily after you, Serfaus has once again come up with something special. A specially built marmot enclosure - but only to look at. A big outdoor enclosure next to the playing yard “Murmli Water” in Serfaus at the Komperdell mid-station is the home of five to six marmots. And the whistle concert which can be expected here should not be missed by any guest in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis!

  • Murmli Rodeo
    Four adventure stations in the Adventure World Serfaus at the Murmli Water.
  • Feeding the marmots
    Witness how the six lively marmots eat from the animal keeper’s hand, stand on their hind legs and feast on the delicacies! Take pictures up close of the normally shy animals. But always remember: Fast moves, flash and loud noises scare the little rodents. Daily shows.

  • Feeding the small animals
    Our rooster is the first one to lunge at the food. Followed by his hens, the cute dwarf rabbits, the lively quail and the normally quite shy guinea pigs. Exactly - it is feeding time in Murmil’s petting zoo at the Murmli Water. You do not want to miss it. The animals in the petting zoo are always fed after the marmots. The perfect opportunity to photograph all members of our petting zoo, to observe them and marvel at them.

  • Hay Sack Race
    At the hay sack race you have to overcome a distance of only 14 metres. Not an easy task; after all there are paliasses hanging down every two metres and swinging uncoordinatedly. So it is no surprise that one can easily get off course.

  • Drive the cattle
    When you drive the cattle bounce and skilfulness are required. A wooden disc with built-in willow, hazel and synthetic rods is moved by a bicycle. Cowboy and cowgirl now have to jump over the switches.

  • Herbal sack shoving
    The herbal sack shoving is all about gloating. The challenger stands in the middle of the circle on a wooden pedestal and the others now try to shove him or her from the pedestal by means of hanging paliasses.

  • Grilled sausage
    At the station “grilled sausage” junior clings to a huge turning sausage which is covered with leather while dad, mum or friends - having a mischievous smile on their face - try to make the “grillables” fall by determinedly turning the oversized skewer.
Child in the

Six Senses hiking path in Tyrol - adventure with sensory experiences

The adventure trail - called the “six senses” - offers enjoyment with a surprising array of captivating impressions at many stops during family hiking. Our ability to perceive enables us to recognise things. So it follows that everyone can experience and discover our mountains in a way that appeals to all of their senses: the Six Senses Trail in Serfaus. In addition to seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching you can even experience illusions. The countless zones are dotted with playful, quiz-like stops, offer a choice of searches for visitors, look highly attractive and technically are state-of-the-art.

Children in front of large wooden sculpture

Murmli Trail

Murmli is awake once again after a long winter sleep. That means for all the kids: Set out on a journey of discovery through Murmli’s colourful world. Instead of one of those strenuous hikes in the mountains, this is an adventure-packed, fun-filled trail for all the youngsters, big and small, bringing the perfect change of pace to any summer’s day. From the “talking well” to the “speaking root man” and then on to the “sleeping bear” who roars out loud when our little “forest sprites” attempt to tickle him out of his hibernation. A few turns further down the path there’s the wise owl Fiona who has some interesting tales of her own to tell, while just a few steps beyond that, you will come right to Murmli’s very own home. And let’s not forget to have a photo taken with mum and dad at the photo board, also located along the Murmli Trail...

Child in rope slide in front of mountain landscape

Serfauser Sauser: the ultimate zip line

Soar above the mountains like a bird and experience the perfect flight feeling in breath-taking heights… have you already dreamed about it? The zip line in Serfaus makes it possible. Put on your pilot’s vest, buckle up and hook up. At the beginning you will be excited - adrenaline is involved. The view into the valley shows what awaits you: a flight of the extra class! In a sitting position you glide down over the landscape at airy heights closely passing the trees! The wind blows around your ears and your heart beats faster and faster! You can experience this feeling with the Serfauser Sauser. The start is at the mountain station of the Sunliner, and then you go down to the Komperdell valley station passing 4 sections of different lengths.