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Mascot Furgli

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Adventure Mountains in Tyrol

Theme trails for explorers
in the hiking holiday in Serfaus

What do a “Witches’ Trail”, a “Pirates’ Trail” and an “Explorers’ Trail” have in common? All of them are a part of the Adventure Mountains in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.

Imaginative riddles in the mountains of Tyrol

Over 10 years ago, the Austrian teen book author Thomas C. Brezina created the theme trails “Adventure Mountains”. Three exciting family adventure hiking trails and their mysteries wait for children and parents who - equipped with a rented adventure backpack - begin to unveil secrets and to solve riddles.

Download the Adventure Mountains app to your smartphone, pick up your adventure backpack and don’t forget the booklet! After all, a real summer needs adventures and experiences!

Play Ship

Adventure “Pirates’ Trail”

The people are whispering that it came during a stormy night: The ghost ship. But where did it land? Eye witnesses told that some items went over board. What about the chest? Traces lead to captain Pepper’s ship, such as an anchor, a barrel and a crow’s nest. But the biggest riddle for the treasure hunters waits on site: Where did captain Pepper hide his treasure?

  • Duration: approx. 2 hours (start - finish)
  • Elevation gain: 100 metres
  • Suitable for buggies
  • Location: At the Komperdell near the Murmli Water in Serfaus. It can be best reached with the Komperdell cable car - get off at the midway station.
Children in a hut, table and chairs stuck to the ceiling.

Adventure “Witches’ Trail”

Start in Fiss: The trail to the “upside down witch’s house” has some riddles and magical apparitions in store which have to be solved with skill. Strange noises and sounds have to be recognised and a “bouncing bridge” to be mastered. The children see mysterious doors, figures, chairs and mirrors which hang in the trees. Situative thinking, creativity and endurance are required before the witch’s house is reached by the witch Peppina and the riddle is solved.

  • Duration: approx. 3 hours (midway station Schönjochbahn - midway station Sonnenbahn)
  • Elevation gain: approx. 430 metres
  • Not suitable for buggies
  • Location: Take the cable car up to the midway station of the Schönjochbahn in Fiss. The entry point to the trail is only a few metres away.
Children sitting on bench with notepads

Adventure “Explorers’ Trail”

A mysterious tree house in Ladis? It is only known that a strange tree house was discovered in the forest. On their way to the tree house, the children have to solve exciting tasks to master the adventure. They meet giant snails, see the world from an ant’s perspective and have to read animal traces to get nearer to the explorers’ house step by step.

  • Duration: approx. 1 hours (start - finish)
  • Elevation gain: approx. 170 metres
  • How to get to the start: Ladis - start (over the water hiking trail) approx. 1 hour - or Fiss - Wolfsee - Berta’s Indian village - past the Weiberkessl restaurant - approx. 1 hour
  • Not suitable for buggies
  • Location: The Explorers’ Trail is located above Ladis. From Fiss you reach the Sägegasse via the cable car car park, then always follow the signs to the Falterjöchl.

Discover imaginative stories together with your children and unveil the secrets of the Adventure Mountains. A spur to hiking which no child can withstand! We will be happy to be your hosts in your family holidays - with heart and mind. We look forward to your enquiry for the hotel Furgler or your enquiry for the hotel Post.