Mascot Mäcky cycling
Mascot Furgli mountain biking
Mascot Furgli with swimming hoop and diving goggles



Family in bathrobes and swimwear plays Uno
Mascot Furgli with swimming hoop and diving goggles

For mermen and mermaids

Water fun in different pools

Let’s go to the pool
at the family hotel Post

A beautiful pool is always exciting. Simply jump into the water and swim away. And for the children there is a funny water playground.

Woman cuddling child in swimsuit

Indoor pool - fun every day

In this water world, the whole family is in their wet element. The adventure pool with its 50 m2 sticks out with its black colour, the unusual shape and the sparkling water stream on the bottom. The pool water you swim in is revitalized Grander water, which is normally used to freshen up body and mind as purified and energized drinking water. The different resting zones with different colour concepts allow for deep relaxation after an extensive bathing session.

Children's paddling pool at the family hotel Post

Outdoor pool for summer

In summer, the new outdoor pool with children’s splash pool invites our little and older guests to go outside. The perfect refreshment for hot summer days to relax in the open. It is hard not to relax in this setting!

Indoor water playground

A water playground with an artificial stream and hoses, jets and mill wheels: Here the children can fully live out their playful nature with the element water. The small stream which leads through the water wonder world can be dammed or used to float little boats on. The pedagogic concept for the little ones is unique:

The little ones learn using all their senses to deal with water. And should your little ones have overdone it a little and be a bit cold from so many watery experiences, they can go to warm up together with their parents in the separate textile sauna for families. This is wellness for children in the hotel in Tyrol!